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Skyview Middle School Activity Buses

Know before you go:

· Activity buses are available for Skyview students who participate in supervised afterschool activities such as sports, clubs, detention, etc.

· Activity buses will depart Skyview at 4:20-4:25 pm on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays throughout the school year.

· The 3 Activity buses cover the entire Skyview service area (normally covered by 17 afternoon buses). They are longer routes with centrally located stops. Students are expected to walk home from the stop or be met by a parent.

· Stop times vary depending on the number of students riding, traffic, and weather. Please plan to be at the stop at 4:35 pm for the first few times if your student needs to be met a parent. After a few days of riding you could have a more accurate stop time.

· Students must obtain an activity bus pass EACH DAY they ride from the teacher/supervisor/coach of the after school activity. The Pass Must be filled out completely, including the bus stop location and handed to the driver prior to departure.

· Parents are encouraged to review the 3 maps and example Activity passes with stops listed (All posted below) and work with your student to decide which bus to board and stop to get off at. (Maps include landmarks and development names). It is very helpful for your student to know their address.

Skyview has three Activity Buses available for students - please review the routes below to determine which route works for you:

SMS Bus #1 Bus 171

  1. Starting Point: Skyview Middle School
  3. 20415 BOTHELL EVERETT HWY - (Autumn Chase Apts)
  4. 19907 BOTHELL EVERETT HWY - (Avalon Apts)
  5. 25th AVE SE @ 191st ST SE - (Waterstone)
  6. 22nd DR SE @ 185th PL SE
  7.  31st AVE SE @ 185th PL SE
  8. GRANNIS RD @ 191st ST SE - (Jordan Park)
  9. 196th ST SE @ 24th DR SE
  10. BOTHELL EVERETT HWY @ 196th ST SE - (Metro-Bothell Ridge)
  11. BOTHELL EVERETT WESTSIDE APTS - ( Park lane/ Madison Park)

Activity Bus #1 Map

SMS Bus #2 Bus 145 

  1. Starting Point: Skyview Middle School
  2. 35th AVE SE @ 198th PL SE
  3. 35th AVE SE @ 186th PL SE
  4. 180th ST SE @ 30th AVE SE ​(Laurelcrest)
  5. 180th ST SE @ 46th DR SE (Sunset)
  6. 51st AVE SE @ 189th ST SE
  7. 19408 51st AVE SE ​(Holly Farms)
  8.  35th AVE SE @ 202nd ST SE
  9. MALTBY RD @ 32nd AVE SE 
  10. MALTBY RD @ 204th ST SE ​(Chestnut Trails)
  11. Maltby Rd @ 23rd AVE SE ​(Chestnut Glen)

Activity Bus #2 Map

SMS Bus #3 Bus T16

  1. Starting Point: Skyview Middle School
  2. Fernwood Elementary (Load Zone)
  3. 204th ST SE @ 43rd AVE SE ​(Emerald Stables)​
  4. MALTBY RD @ 55th AVE SE
  6. 188th ST SE @ 67th AVE SE (Clearview)
  7. Hwy 9 @ 204th St. SE ​(Lincolnshire)

Activity Bus #3 Map




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