Skyview Robotics Club 20-2021

Students in Robotics Club

Are you interested in Technology and Robotics?  Show up on Wednesdays to Mr. Seeley's zoom and be a part of Robots Club. Anyone can join at any time, there is no registration.  We will be watching videos and discussing technology and robotics.  

See How Do I Join? at right for more information and some links and or just show up to the club when you can.

What will happen during the club? The focus of the club is creating a safe space and getting together so we can think positive thoughts about our world and how robots and technology can make it a better place.

There will also be an opportunity to learn about CAD (Tinker CAD, Rhino, On Shape?) and Robotics software (Robot Mesh)  but this depends on student skill level and club size.  There will be videos to help students experience the software and getting their object 3D printed, but this does depend on numbers of students in the club so try to stay positive and stay patient. 


Mr. Seeley
CTE Teacher - Robotics, CAD, Coding and Technology Ed.

How Do I Join?

The Robotics Club meets on Wednesdays from 9:15 - 10:00am.

The zoom meeting ID is : 
386 003 6516

Or try this link:

Schoology Club code: