Skyview Robotics and Technology Club 2022

Students in Robotics Club

Skyview is excited to have a Robotics and Technology club. The club is open for all students. No application is required but students do need to have an ASB card to participate. Find more detailed information about the Robotics and Technology After School Club at the link below. 

Robotics and Technology After School Club Information

Email Mr. Seeley at if you have any questions or concerns.  Go Robots!


Mr. Seeley
CTE Teacher - Robotics, CAD, Coding and Technology Ed.

How Do I Join?

There is no application needed, but you do need to sign up on a clipboard with Mr. Seeley so he knows you are coming that week.  Also you do need an ASB card.  Sign ups are needed for each club so it is open and fair to all students and not just students resigning up for the next club.  More details are in the “Robotics and Technology Club Information Link” to a Google Doc here