Skyview Robotics and Technology Club 2022

Students in Robotics Club

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Skyview is excited to have students learning hands on with robots this year. The club will be on Thursdays.  Signups need to happen before the day of the club.  Signups are from Monday 7:30 to Wednesday 2:30, with Mr. Seeley, in T-101.  Students should avoid signing up on Thursday, the day of the club. Instead, they need to try to sign up for the club earlier, thank you. See the google doc for more current and specific information.

The club is now for all grades and wrapping up early May. There will be a celebration involving pizza. Sign up with MR. Seeley if you want to attend and have participated in any of the clubs at some point. 

The club will still be held in room T-101 with Mr. Seeley from 2:35 -4:15 p.m. and is now on Thursdays after school.

The club has a limit of 25 students per club and students #26 and later are the first on the list for the next club. 

At our Robotics and Technology Club, students can choose to explore and learn about Robotics and Technology. Some examples are learning how to build and run the VEX IQ robotics system. It is a great way to build a robot and focus on the hardware to solve a challenge. Students can also learn some visual code on how to use software to run the robot. Students also have the choice of using some software called Robot Mesh virtual challenges to learn about robotics at school or at home. Also, students will be using TingerCAD and Rhino and the output tools (3D printer and laser cutter), if they choose to do so. An ASB card is required for club participation.

Email Mr. Seeley if you have any questions or concerns.  Go Robots!


Mr. Seeley
CTE Teacher - Robotics, CAD, Coding and Technology Ed.

How Do I Join?

  1. Mr. Seeley will have a clipboard in his classroom T-101 for students to sign up.
  2. Signups are only for a certain grade depending on the current month. See the google doc for details.
  3. Signups for the next club will be open on Monday through Thursday for that next Friday's club.
  4. You must sign up each week for the next club.