Skyview Middle School conducts registration for the following school year in the Spring.  If you are looking into enrolling at Skyview and registering mid-year or the beginning of the year, please contact Skyview Counseling or the School Registrar.  

Please see the Skyview Course Catalog and Registration Materials on our Enrollment page.

Schedule Changes

Choices made by students during registration are considered to be final. Offered courses and school staffing are based on the decisions students make during the registration process. However, schedule changes may be made on a limited basis for the following reasons:

  • A graduation requirement must be added
  • A student does not have the skills to continue in a year-long class
  • Administrative withdrawal is requested
  • Incomplete schedule
  • Duplicate classes/obvious errors
  • IEP/ELL placement issues

Any schedule change that does not meet these criteria is subject to administrative approval.


Please contact your Skyview Counselor

Office Hours
8:00 am - 3:30 pm
Monday - Friday


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Kris Staten
Skyview Middle School