School Closures Online Resources

Due to Covid19, we are all experiencing uncertain and different times. Uncertainty and change can be stressful on both students and parents. In addition, students learning from home and parents/guardians working from home, adds to the already stressful time. If you or someone you care about needs support, we put together some resources hoping it will be helpful during these uncertain and changing times.

During Online School Hours:

During regular online school hours, each counselor will hold office hours. You can sign up to see a school counselor by clicking on the link below. Follow the directions: 1) Choose a counselor, 2) Pick a date and time, 3) Input contact information.


After Online School Hours

After online school hours, school counselors will not be available. However, there are many outside resources to help you. Click on the tabs below to find more information!

If this is an Emergency, CALL 911

Healthy Activities/Things To Do

Eat healthy
Positive Self-Talk
Gratitude (make a list of things you are grateful for)
Art / draw / paint
Listen to soothing music
Go outside: play, walk, walk your dog, (while practicing social distancing)