Letter to Skyview Families - iReady

Hello Skyview Families,

As we conclude our Soft Start introduction to the school year next week, it is important for teachers to begin content instruction by identifying students' strengths and needs.  This Intro to iReady: Family Video explains how the iReady diagnostic test provides teachers, students, and families with valuable information to plan instruction and set learning goals.

What is iReady?
iReady is designed to identify individual student math and reading areas of strength and growth, create a personalized program just for your student, and allow teachers, parents, and students to monitor progress throughout the year. We believe iReady will allow all students to improve their ability in both reading and math by filling in learning gaps specific to your student. This is especially important due to our new learning environment at home and individualized instruction that may have been missed last year due to COVID. The iReady diagnostic is not designed to give your student a grade for their reading and math ability but to provide data and information on how to best support their learning. 

Because iReady is adaptive in nature and adjusts each question to suit your student’s needs, it’s very important they take this diagnostic seriously and each student completes the diagnostic on their own.  As students take the test, some questions may be too easy and some questions may be too hard until it adapts to questions that are just right for the individual student.  It is important for students to choose the answer they think works best for the diagnostic to accurately identify the student’s strengths and needs.  We want the best data possible to allow your student’s teacher to provide instruction that is just right for them. Please help your student create a great testing environment, but do not help them on the assessment. 

iReady Diagnostic Testing Schedule
Math Diagnostic: September 17th or 18th in Math and Science classes.  Students will be allotted 40 minutes in each class to ensure students have ample time and a break in the testing cycle.  If they do not finish, they will have additional time on Wednesday, September 23rd.

Reading Diagnostic: September 28th or 29th in English or Social Studies classes. Students will be allotted 40 minutes in class to ensure students have ample time and a break in the testing cycle.  If they do not finish, they will have additional time on Wednesday, September 30th.

*Please note that the diagnostic saves progress continuously. It is expected that students pause and resume as needed to take breaks.

iReady Program
Following the diagnostic, students will have lessons catered to their individual needs. Our goal at Skyview is for all students to complete and pass two lessons a week. Research has found with a strong diagnostic, students can begin lessons at their instructional level and progress quickly to becoming a stronger reader and elevate their mathematical capabilities. 

Watch: Intro to iReady: Family Video
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Resource Website: iReady Diagnostic Resources for Families
Instructional Slides: Administering the Diagnostic at Home

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Brandi Doyle at bdoyle@nsd.org or your student’s teacher. 

Skyview’s iReady Team