SMS COVID Protocol for Picture Day

Hello Skyview Families,

We are so excited to see all of you on Monday and Tuesday! Our staff has been extremely busy preparing study materials for each student as well as social distancing our photography experience.  When you arrive on campus, you will notice many safety precautions in place to ensure this experience is safe for all of us to enjoy. Below are highlights:

  • All individuals and photography stations will be spaced throughout campus. Be sure to check in at the main tent to be assigned your photography area.
  • Hand sanitizer will be offered at every station on campus. 
  • All students and staff will stay 6’ apart. This includes being photographed or while standing in line. 
  • All staff will be wearing PPE and follow the Northshore School District’s safety protocols. Face coverings, gloves, and hand sanitizer will be provided to all photographers and kept verified during the day by a photography manager. 
  • Students must wear a face covering while in line or in queue area but may remove the covering while being photographed. They will be asked to remove their face shield using the ear straps and hold the ear straps near their lap to avoid contamination. Students may choose to wear the shield in the picture. 
  • Students will identify themselves to the photographer by name or student ID#. ID cards will be given to students via a no-contact tray, central to both the photographers and student.
  • Photographers and subjects are NOT to make contact. This includes fixing or combing hair, adjusting collars or buttons and wiping faces. 
  • All photography equipment will be sanitized before and after our photography session. All stations will be sanitized in between individuals being photographed. 

Many families have asked about providing a photo from home instead of taking a picture at Skyview. We welcome this as an alternative to coming on to campus on Monday and Tuesday. In the coming weeks, our Yearbook staff will be sending out parameters to use while taking a photo at home. More information will be sent out in the Family Newsletter. 


Also... Some of you may be wondering how to both be at Skyview and in class at the same time. Please do not worry! Students will be participating in classroom activities that are either asynchronous or nonacademic on both Monday and Tuesday. Please be sure students log into their Schoology classes each day, participate in asynchronous activities, and submit your attendance to avoid being marked absent. 


Thank you,


Skyview Middle School