Our School

The new expansion building on the Skyview/Canyon Creek Campus

Welcome to Skyview Middle School

Skyview Middle School is an exceptional school where all the elements of a positive learning environment come together to provide each student a unique opportunity to be their very best.

Our staff members are experienced and dedicated professional educators who are committed to creating an array of academics, programs, activities and sports that offer many opportunities for our students to be and feel successful. 

Our staff collaborates to ensure that every student receives high-quality, research-based instruction that targets their learning needs and the content standards of each course. Course offerings include Challenge classes, art, orchestra, band, choir, drama, multimedia technology and Career and Technical Education (CTE) classes.

Extracurricular activities and sports provide enrichment with a large variety of choices. In addition, Skyview students pride themselves in supporting our school and giving to our community.


Mission Statement 

The mission of Skyview Middle School is to collaboratively educate and support students as they develop into lifelong learners by providing a nurturing environment where academic and personal excellence are achieved.

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