2020-21 New Student Video

We are very excited to have you join us at Skyview. To help you transition, we have developed a video to share a general introduction to our school community. It includes an virtual campus tour, an opportunity to meet some of our teachers, and answers to a number of your questions.

We do not address everything you may want to know about attending Skyview this fall as we do not yet know what our program will look like. With the changes due to COVID 19, we are waiting to find out what school will look like in Northshore before sharing more specific information with you, like schedules. We do share information like athletics and clubs, not know yet if we will be able to offer these in the fall. In case we can, you have a picture of what is offered and the steps you will need to take over the summer to participate.

In early August we will be communicating with you again, sharing the specifics about what school will look like in September at Skyview. Information will be shared on our website and in emails through our Family Bulletin.

I hope you enjoy the video! The goal for our team was to produce something that will help our new Skyview families and students feel welcome.

All the best,

Dawn Mark
Skyview Middle School