Students are expected to attend all assigned classes each day. It is important that you call the office whenever your student will be absent from school.

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Daily attendance and active participation in each class is a critical part of the learning process. The following policies and procedures are designed to help students learn responsibility and increase their potential for success.

Attendance Procedures:

Washington State Law requires that students must attend school Monday through Friday, unless there is a good reason for being absent. An absence from school, even if the work is made up, is not advisable, unless absolutely necessary, as classroom instruction, collaborative work and labs may not be possible to repeat. It is the student's responsibility to discuss with their teacher(s) for arrangements on how to make up all missed assignments, including group work and labs.

All absences must be excused by parent(s)/guardian(s) within 48 hours (State Law RCW 28A225). Parent(s)/Guardian(s) Please call 425-408-6810 (24 HR. Attendance Line) or send a signed note to the Attendance Office.

Provide your student's first, last name, student ID#, date, and reason for the absence. Do not excuse absences through e-mail, to assure absences are recorded and promplty excused on the same school day as reported.

Making up class work:  When a student is absent, it is important to refer to their teacher’s course syllabi and academic plan for assignment make-up policies and procedures. Students may also check online through StudentVue for daily class assignments, due dates, and uploaded resources.

Attending school on time, all day, every day will give your child the best chance of succeeding in middle school and eventually graduating from high school. 

Attendance Policies

Late Arrival to School

Attending school on time, all day, every day will give your child the best chance of succeeding in middle school and eventually graduating from high school.

A late arrival to school must be excused by Parents/Guardians on the same school day. Students must check in directly to the Attendance Office  to "sign in" on the late arrival log, before going to class.

Parents/guardians: Send in a signed note with your student’s name, student ID #, date, and reason for the late arrival to be turned in to the Attendance Office when your student arrives on campus  or call 425-408-6810 (24 hour Attendance Line) or accompany your student to the Attendance Office in person.

Student: Report to the Attendance Office with a signed note or your parent accompaning you and sign in on the late arrival clip board. You will be excused from classes missed and given a hall pass to hand to your teacher to be marked present.  If Tardy 15 minutes or more to any one class period, students will be marked as absent.  Unexcused late arrivals or tardies to class will result in applicable discipline. 

Early Dismissal From School

Planning ahead for early dismissals from school is advised, whenever possible, as it is the least disruptive to the classroom learning environment.

Parent/Guardian: Send a signed note with student’s name, student ID number, date, time and reason for the early dismissal.

Meet your student in the Attendance Office to "sign out". Reminder, Skyview is a closed campus, for safety reasons, students are not go directly out to the parking lot until their parents/guardians or other authorized person, come directly into the Attendance Office, with a valid photo identification, to sign the student out. 

Student: Turn in the signed note to the Attendance Office, when you arrive to school, record the time leaving on the early dismissal log. You will receive a hall pass to leave class early. Then, at the pre-arranged time, meet your parent in the attendance office, to officially sign you out.

*Leaving campus unauthorized: students will be considered "truant" and applicable discipline will be assigned. (see Truancy and Unexcused absences).

Please allow extra time to locate and dismiss your child from school; especially during Advisory and/or Movement periods, PE class, Assemblies, and other school related activities outside the regular scheduled periods and as well as the last 15 minutes of the school day, without a pre-arrangement.

Releasing your student from school to someone other than a parent/guardian: requires written permission in advance. The person authorized must report to the Attendance Office to sign the student out on the early dismissal log and be prepared to show a valid photo identification. (also see other transportation below).

Note: Taxi, Uber and Lyft are prohibited or any other private hire company such as Uber or Lyft is “releasing care and custody” of a student to an unknown entity that has not gone through the district’s screening process.The district takes careful measures to screen our staff, volunteers and vendors who transport our students, therefore students may not be transported for an early release from school via private hire companies. (per NSD transportation policy).

Pre-Arranged Absence Contract

A Pre-arranged Absence Contract form (available in the Attendance Office)  is required if a student will be absent for 5 or more days of school. This form serves as an agreement between the student and their teacher(s).
Vacations should be planned to coincide with the school calendar, during legal holidays and school breaks, when possible.
Yet, If it is truly unavoidable and your student must miss 5 or more days of school, as soon as you know the dates of absence (preferably one week in advance) please complete a pre-arranged absence contract form.
Student(s): Take the pre-arranged absence contract form to each of their teachers to review and record their comments, regarding class assignments and/or labs that will be missed and how the student is to make up the school work and arrrange due dates.
Parent/Guardian(s): Review the teacher comments, prior to signing the form and turn it in to the Attendance Office, to pre-excuse the absence(s).
Extenuating medical related absences are be reported to the school as soon as you are aware.
It is also advised to inform your student's school Counselor of long term absences from school to assist coordinating with teachers for making up missed assignments and homework.

Truancy and Unexcused Absences

Washington State Law requires that students must attend school Monday through Friday, unless there is a good reason for being absent.
All absences must be excused by parent/guardian within 48 hours (State Law RCW 28A225).

If your child has five unexcused absences in one month, parents/guardians will receive a letter from the Attendance Office to inform and remind you of the Washington State Laws (RCW 28A.225.020 and RCW 28A225.030), often referred to as the Becca Bill.

If your child has seven unexcused absences in a month or ten unexcused absences within a school year, NSD is required to file a petition with the Juvenile court, alleging violation of RCW 28A.225.010, the mandatory attendance laws.

You and your child may need to appear in Juvenile Court. 


A student is considered Truant if they miss school and their parent(s)/guardian(s) are unaware or have not contacted the school to pre-excuse the absence. 

Truant absences from school cannot be excused "after the fact", such as after a student has left campus grounds without permission or did not sign out from the Attendance Office.

Applicable discipline will be assigned for truant and unexcused absences.


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