New to Skyview?

FAQs for new students and parents

Can I visit my child at school?

Skyview encourages and welcomes parent and community visitations. In accordance with the state and board policy and to assure the safety of our students, our guidelines include:

1. 24-hour notification to the principal before attending classes.

2. Check in at main office for I.D. badge and class schedule.

3. Information regarding an individual student’s progress must be scheduled before or after school.

4. No one shall solicit funds or conduct private business with staff during a school visit.

5. Due to limited space, the number of visitors will be at the discretion of the principal.

What if my child needs to take medication at school?

Please check out the Health Room under the left navigation bar of this page.  

Are counseling and guidance services available at Skyview?

Yes!  Click on our Counseling Tab on the main page of our website for all the information.

What is the Skyview attendance policy?

Please click on Report an Absence under the Resources tab off our main page.

What items are available for purchase at Skyview?

1. I.D. CARD - No Cost. 
This card with a student picture is issued at the beginning of the year and is used for identification, equipment checkout, etc. Students should carry this on their person at all times.   

2. ASB Sticker - $30.00 
This sticker is placed on the I.D. card. It entitles the student o reduced fees for yearbook, dances, and other district-wide activities. Athletes and club members must purchase this sticker to participate in after school activities. 

3. Yearbook - 
- Fall pre-sale : with ASB sticker $30.00 without ASB sticker $35.00
- Spring sales : with ASB sticker $35.00 without ASB sticker $40.00 

4. P.E. UNIFORM - Shorts $12.00 and Shirt $7.00 
   The Skyview P.E. uniform consists of a pair of shorts and a shirt. It is available for sale throughout the year in the main office.  A P.E. uniform provides student with inexpensive and functional athletic wear, promotes good hygiene, and cuts down on theft because all sets are identical. The only other items needed for P.E. are a pair of rubber soled athletic shoes and socks. **Any student who needs financial help with any school purchase need only see their counselor. 

5. Planner - $4.00. 

6. Skyview sweatpants and sweatshirts will be available in the fall. Stay tuned for more information.

How do I get a bus pass?

Our school population is growing and that means that our buses are very full this year. Please know that many of our buses are at capacity and we are not able to issue bus passes for all buses. Because of this, we are not able to write bus passes until October.
If your student is hoping to ride home with a friend, please have them check with us in advance for bus availability.
We will need a written request from a parent or guardian for any bus passes. 

What activities are available at Skyview?

Skyview offers a variety of clubs and activities for students after school.  These include athletics, Honor Society, the Talon (our school newspaper)as well as many during and after school clubs.  

These can be found under the "Activities" section on left navigation bar on the main page of the website.

Also be sure to read about the Activity Bus that is on the Activities page that is available for certain after school activities!

Welcome to Skyview Packet

Parents and students:  

The Attendance Letter, Technology Agreement and Campus Expectations documents will need to be reviewed and signed before any technology can be used on campus.  Please return to your Advisory Teacher as soon as possible! Click the button to download the forms:


Campus Expectations

Attendance Letter